Delivery & Material Placement

In order to keep your job running smoothly, you can count on Canex to have what you need, when you need it, where you need it. We have experienced professional drivers that are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. All of our operators are CraneSafe certified by the BC Crane Association. Our fleet of HIAB crane trucks is second to none, with small trucks for those tight spots, to larger trucks with 75’ reach for those rooftop deliveries, and everything in between. Our service area spans from Vancouver Island to the BC Interior, and we’ve been known to go even farther.

Different materials have varying delivery requirements, and at Canex, we take this seriously. Not all material can be handled the same way, dumped on your curb. We offer rooftop shingle deliveries, dumped landscape materials, door and window deliveries, and finishing or fragile product handling.

Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking software, to efficiently coordinate and track your delivery. In addition, Canex has established a program designed to prevent, prepare for and respond to any oil spills by using environmentally friendly fluids in the cranes. This hydraulic fluid is non-toxic to aquatic organisms and is also biodegradable, minimizing long term environmental concerns.

For more information see our Safety Policy