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    Canex serves the residential, commercial, and agricultural markets in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.

    Our customers are primarily professional builders and developers; however, we service a diverse customer base including farmers, renovators and retail customers. This variety is reflected in the wide range of products we carry, as well as the broad knowledge of our sales staff to assist you in any type of building project you may have. Challenge us with your specific needs and see what we can do to make your construction project a reality.

    It all started in the fall of 1983

    Canex Building Supplies

    Our mission

    At Canex Building Supplies, our mission is to be the preferred supplier for builders and contractors in the single and multi-family residential, light industrial, and agricultural markets in the Lower Mainland and beyond.

    All lumber yards are created equal: we all sell similar products for similar prices. What makes one different from another is the people: the people that run it and the level of service it provides. In order to be a leader in the industry we must work together as a team. From the order desk through the clean-up crew and the truck driver, each one of us has a responsibility to act as an ambassador to the company. The chain of events it takes to buy, sell, and deliver our products is only as strong as the weakest link in that chain.

    We will provide our team with the best equipment, trucks, cranes, tools and training available in the industry. We are committed to provide a safe level of service to our clients second to none. We will continue to earn the respect and long-term relationships with industry leaders both at the supply level as well as our client base.

    Our team is a family. As with all families, communication and cooperation are key elements in a healthy relationship. The partners are committed to be available to coach and teach as needed.  We expect much but we also deliver; our staff will enjoy a wage, benefit program, and compensation package that are well above average for this industry.

    We strive to positively contribute to the lives of our business partners – including customers, employees, suppliers and the communities we serve in a cooperative and sustainable manner.

    Our commitment to safety

    Canex has made a significant investment into our commitment to safety. We have both a full time Safety Manager and a full time Fleet Manager/Crane Instructor (an industry first). Their responsibility is to ensure the safety of our employees and customers through training, accountability and monitoring to reduce accidents and injuries. We are committed to continually improving safety by demonstrating and promoting safe material handling management practices and implementing a systematic approach to safety with all our customers.

    All of our crane operators meet WorkSafeBC requirements and hold current BC CraneSafe Unlimited Folding Boom Certification. These operators are experienced personnel and can be trusted to operate safely and efficiently on a variety of jobsites and conditions.